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April 17 2015 - Broadway Studios, San Francisco, California



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We'll be taking over the iconic Broadway Studios, located in the heart of San Francisco's North Beach and walking distance from Montgomery BART, MUNI and cable car stations.


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Tim Hockin

Senior Staff Software Engineer at Google

Tim is a lead engineer of Kubernetes in Google's Cloud Infrastructure team, where he spends most of his time thinking about containers and clusters. Prior to that he worked in a number of areas inside Google including Linux kernel, BIOS and bringup, machine-level system software, and the node agent for Google's own cluster systems. Before Google he spent time at Cobalt Networks and Sun Microsystems.

Bridget Kromhout

Operations Engineer at DramaFever

Bridget Kromhout is an operations engineer at DramaFever, the largest streaming video site for international content. Her CS degree emphasis was in theory, but she now deals with the concrete (if ‘cloud’ can be considered tangible). She co-hosts the Arrested DevOps podcast, helps wrangle speakers for the Twin Cities DevOps and AWS meetups, and co-organizes devopsdays Minneapolis.

Bryan Cantrill

CTO at Joyent

Bryan Cantrill is CTO at Joyent, where he oversees worldwide development of the SmartOS and SmartDataCenter platforms. Prior to joining Joyent, Bryan served as a Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems, where he spent over a decade working on system software. He co-designed and implemented DTrace, a facility for dynamic instrumentation of production systems that won the Wall Street Journal’s top Technology Innovation Award in 2006 and the USENIX Software Tools User Group Award in 2008.

Ben Firshman

Product Manager at Docker

Ben is Product Manager of Docker's open source projects and a creator of Fig Previously, he has founded a few companies (Orchard, Poetica, Epio) and has worked at places like The Guardian, GOV.UK and Lanyrd.

Brandon Philips

CTO at CoreOS

Brandon Philips is helping to build modern Linux server infrastructure at CoreOS as CTO. Prior to CoreOS, he worked at Rackspace hacking on cloud monitoring and was a Linux kernel developer at SUSE. As a graduate of Oregon State's Open Source Lab he is passionate about open source technologies.

Luke Bond

Senior Consultant at YLD

Luke worked as one of the lead developers building Playstation's next-gen cloud-hosted online game services platform at Sony Computer Entertainment in London in Node.js and Java. More recently he built the containerised microservice-based backend for British Gas Connected Home's "Connected Boilers" project. He is currently building Paz, a continuous deployment platform.

Jessie Frazelle

Core team at Docker

Jessie Frazelle works on the Core Team at Docker, maintaining the docker/docker project. Most recently she enjoys hacking everything possible into containers and scaling out the Docker CI and tools. She is a devout Linux user and always awaits trying out the new features.

Ross Kukulinski

Founder and CEO of Yodlr

Ross enjoys organizing BayNode and events in the San Francisco Bay Area. His technical focus is primarily on building efficient Node.js microservices and managing operations using Docker and CoreOS. When offline, Ross can usually be found on the soccer field wearing number 15.

Victor Vieux

Software Engineer at Docker

Victor one of the few guys working on the Docker internals, he's now working on Docker Swarm, a Docker-native clustering system. Originally from Paris, France, Victor joined the company and project at the very beginning. Since then he's been helping both on programming in Go and helping the Docker community, 24/7, with passion and enthusiasm.

Luke Marsden

Founder and CTO of ClusterHQ

Luke is founder and CTO of ClusterHQ, The Data People for Docker. He has 12 years of experience building web apps, and using containers and distributed storage. Inspired by the practical operational problems faced running web apps at scale, he started ClusterHQ. Luke holds a Computer Science degree from Oxford University.

Khash Sajadi

Founder and CEO at cloud66

Khash is founder and CEO of Cloud 66 a full-stack container management as a service. Over the past 20 years, Khash has worked at different roles from Vice President at Lehman Brothers to CTO of startups at Silicon Valley. Khash is passionate about developer tools and how they can improve daily workflow. Khash has a BSc in mechanical engineering and MSc in management of software projects.

Andrea Luzzardi

Software Engineer at Docker

Andrea Luzzardi is a Software Engineer at Docker and was part of the original team that built the project. He is currently working on Docker Swarm, a Docker-native clustering system. Prior to Docker, Andrea worked on infrastructure and large scale distributed systems at companies such as Google and Microsoft.

John Wetherill

Developer evangelist at Active State

John Wetherill, ActiveState's Technology/PaaS Evangelist, spent much of his career designing and building software at a handful of startups, at Sun Microsystems, NeXT Inc., and in the smart grid and energy space. He now spends his time immersed in cloud technologies, focusing on PaaS, microservices, and containerization.

Joe Brockmeier

Project Atomic team lead at Red Hat

Joe Brockmeier is a member of Red Hat's Open Source and Standards (OSAS) team, and is involved with Project Atomic, the Fedora Project's Cloud Working Group, and is a member of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). Brockmeier has a long history of involvement with Linux and open source, and has also spent many years working as a technology journalist.


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